• How to build a checkout buylink

    February 2015

    Checkout Buylinks take buyers to your checkout page and places an item in their cart ready for checkout. Why use a buylink? Get paid faster with a shorter checkout process. Include with your email marketing, digital banners or redirect links … CLICK TO READ MORE
  • How to archive your emails

    January 2015

    Archiving keeps you from running out of email storage and enables you to keep permanent copies of your important emails. Archiving removes messages from your inbox, but keeps them available so that you can always find them later. Archiving is … CLICK TO READ MORE
  • How to sort inventory items within a category for your online store

    January 2015

    In your online store inventory items are usually sorted alphabetically by the item's name. But, when you need to customize the order of the items in your category, here's how you do it. Watch this video (Adobe Flash … CLICK TO READ MORE

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