What is the difference between Store Manager and the Limited version?

Compare Features Store Manager Limited
Easy-to-Use Administration Tools
Web accessible administration Yes. Yes.
Edit on Website Yes. Yes.
Advanced Selling and Marketing Tools
Coupon Codes Yes. Yes.
Automated Discount Yes. Yes.
Up-selling Manager Yes. Yes.
Ad Tracking Yes. Yes.
Custom Advertising URLs Yes. Yes.
Free email marketing Yes. Yes.
Piwik Analytics Yes. Yes.
Catalog Management
Number of Products SKUs1 Unlimited. Unlimited.
Number of Products Unlimited. Unlimited.
Number of Categories Unlimited. Unlimited.
Product Features Unlimited. Unlimited.
Product Descriptions Yes. Yes.
Additional Product Fields Yes. Yes.
Attach images and other media to products Yes. Yes.
Inventory and Merchandising
Inventory Manager with expanded reporting Yes. Yes.
Manage out-of-stock products Yes. Yes.
Product Options with optional price and weight Yes. Yes.
Various feature selection formats Yes. Yes.
Customer Management
Customer Accounts Yes. Yes.
Customize Email Receipts and Communication Yes. Yes.
Order Processing
View and process orders remotely Yes. Yes.
Order encryption Yes. Yes.
Generate confirming email communication Yes. Yes.
Receive email notifications Yes. Yes.
Third party notifications Yes. Yes.
Localization Settings
Localized Sales Tax rates and custom tables Yes. Yes.
Shipping Calculation and Payment Processing
Create custom rate tables Yes. Yes.
Site Manager CMS Payment Processing Yes. Yes., PayPal Yes.  
Use other payment gateways (Amazon, Stripe etc.) Yes.  
Store Access and Maintenance
Create unlimited user accounts Yes. Yes.
Offline Mode Yes. Yes.
Automated streaming updates Yes. Yes.
  1. Product SKUs are calculated by adding the number of features multiplied by the number of options for each item.

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