How does Emailer compare to other email services?

Compare Features ONDABOX Emailer Competitors
On-Screen Editing Yes. Our editor allows you to edit your emails on-screen. Advanced users can edit the HTML code for each email.  
Image and Document Storage Yes. You can store and organize Emailer campaign styles, messages, image, and other files such as PDF, zip, video, and audio files. Yes, but only with limited features.
Email Campaign Organization Yes. We have a folder/file storage system called Content Manager, which allows you to save and organize your Emailer campaigns. You can also enable or disable a campaign to delay it's delivery.  
Close and Re-use Campaigns Yes. Emailer allows to review all closed campaigns. Messages are saved and can be reused.  
Contact List Management Yes. Through the use of Subscription Manager you have access to all the registered visitors to your website. These visitors are added as contacts.  
Archive Campaigns Yes. Finished Emailer Campaigns are automatically archived on a monthly basis. Yes.
Image Editing Yes. Upload one or more images at one time. You can also edit your images.  
Preview and Send Test Email Yes. Emailer allows you to create, preview and send test emails. Yes.
Email Lists Yes, with no additional fee. Why pay for the size of your email list. Emailer allows you to have an unlimited number of contacts. You pay only for the emails you send. Yes, but some charge by the size of your contact list. Which means the more contacts you have, the more money you pay.
Manually Add Email Addresses and Contact Details Yes. You can manually add email address and other contact information at no additional cost. Yes, but most companies charge you additional fees to add contacts.
Add and Update Contacts Directly from Your Desktop on Your PC or Mac Yes. Import contacts from your email address books within other email accounts- including but not limited to social media accounts. Yes.
Removes Unsubscribed from email list Yes. With Emailer unsubscribes are automatically removed from your email list. Yes.
Create and send Professional Emails Yes. We have in-house designers that can design your emails for you. Yes.
Send Now or Schedule Later Yes. You can create your email campaign and either send it right away or schedule to send later. Yes.
Send to Email Contact List Yes. Create email list where you can group exactly who you want to send emails to. You can add or remove contacts based upon the contacts behavioral patterns. Emailer also works with Store Manager to organize your list based upon buying patterns you determine.  
Automatic Email De-Duplication of Email Addressing Before Sending Yes. Emailer has multiple checks that prevent email duplication. Yes.
See Who Opens Your Email Yes. Review reports to see exactly who opened your emails. Yes.
See Bounce Back Emails Yes. Automatic notifications of bounced emails allows you to remove or disable bad addresses from your list. Or, you can disable them until a newer updated email address is provided.  
Track Who Clicks on the Links in Your Emails Yes. Analytics is automatically recorded for every campaign you send. Yes.
Import Contacts Yes. Emailer allows you to import contacts from your accounting software or any program you can generate a CSV. Yes, but most companies charge you additional fees to add contacts.

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