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Writing an active, engaging blog for your business helps define your brand, raises your profile, drives traffic to your site, and pays a big bonus with a fatter bottom line.

Blogging puts a personal face on your business in a world that's increasingly focused on impersonal Internet advice and e-mail. If you can't spend as much time as you'd like with current and future customers, the blog creates the impetus for dialogue.

While any company can benefit in big ways from blogging, Web businesses are particularly well-positioned to reap the benefits. The Blog Forum can generate a lot of subscribers for an e-commerce site. Blogs are much more free-form than a typical business site and give creative license to you and your readers, allowing you to just chat and be who you are. When you get right down to it, The Blog Forum is another marketing tool.

The Blog Forum is a weblog and discussion management module providing organizational tools for managing discussion forums on your website. This system provides easy-to-use topic creation, moderation, RSS output, open subscription, and content management for each post. This system is a true strategic solution for your website and your organization.

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