Email marketing without a doubt is one of the best ways of developing a long-term customer base. However, even as we head towards 2015, the whole email marketing system is shrouded in such mystery that it seems almost impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff!

As responsible marketers with years of experience in this field, we at ONDABOX want you stop trusting in 4 email marketing myths that are standing in the way of you and your clients like the Berlin Wall!

#4 You Get What You Pay For

While this is true for most things in life, never give in to the myth that you only get features like analytics and spam checking with paid marketing programs. Want proof? Just check out ONDABOX’s newly redesigned email marketing services, and you can also use the internet to find the best free and low-cost email programs on the market. The bottom line is that email marketing is the best way to make sales (it offers ROI of around 4,300% according to the Direct Marketing Association), and budget doesn’t stop you from introducing an email component in your marketing strategy.

#3 Only Paid Programs Offer Seamless Website Integration

This follows from the previous point. Many will tell you that email collection methods by paid service providers can be easily integrated into your existing online store, blog or contact forms. But when you ask them to do, they will take hours upon end to write code and test it, which not only wastes time but also runs implementation costs in the thousands.

Make life simple. Go for something like the Emailer by ONDABOX so that you only have one database for your online store, blog and contact forms.

#2 Marketing Software of your Hosting Company is Useless

They say that free email services by hosting companies are worthless in front of paid programs. Once again, that is just nonsense (to put it mildly). ONDABOX’s free email campaign service has all the bells and whistles that paid service providers offer. So why pay extra? Here's our comparison chart.

#1 Expensive, But Worth It

Our final pick on the list of the most common email marketing myths is the claim that paid email services, though expensive, offer great ROI in the long run. If it were that easy, everyone with some dough in his pocket would be making millions off his email list (we can feel you nodding in agreement). On the contrary, most trusted brands are not utilizing email marketing (paid or otherwise) to its maximum potential. In fact, statistics show that all email users get 6 less emails from big brands every day.

The truth is that in the long run, you are more likely to spend hundreds upon thousands before getting decent returns, and you will have to spend the same amount over and over to get those returns.

So, stop wasting your money and stop believing in myths. Contact your hosting provider today and find out if your hosting includes email marketing services, and compare them to one of the major paid service providers. Or find a provider like ONDABOX that offers all these services without the tantrums!

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Posted: Sat, Dec 27, 2014

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