In order to sell products or services online, businesses need to have an online payment processor on their ecommerce site. That is because without these online payment solutions, it is impossible to accept customer credit card and payments online. With PayPal, accepting payments online is easy, safe, and swift. Unconvinced? In this newsletter, we have highlighted a few reasons why using PayPal is the right choice for your online business. We've also identified some helpful PayPal integration techniques you can try on your own website.

What is PayPal?

The leader in online payment solutions, PayPal enables individuals and businesses, both with and without a website, to accept bankcard and credit card payments. With more than 350,000 websites using PayPal, it is undoubtedly the preferred online payment service globally.

PayPal Helps New Businesses Get Started

PayPal Here

An effective mobile payment solution, PayPal Here allows multiple forms of payments to be processed securely on your Windows, Apple, and Android devices using an encrypted card reader. Since you can take it wherever your business leads you, it helps you boost your sales and enhance your customer base. It accepts all major debit and credit cards, including MasterCard, Discover, VISA, PayPal, and American Express. Also, checks are accepted.

Additional Protection for Buyers and Sellers

PayPal Buyer Protection

With cyber crime on the rise, it is imperative that businesses have a safe and secure online payment process. With PayPal, you have optimum protection, from checkout to delivery, courtesy of their latest anti-fraud technology. Your financial information is always kept discrete, however, if something does go wrong, your eligible transactions will be reimbursed, fully.

Dispute Resolution

At times, even the best online businesses face transaction issues. An item may be damaged, or a package could arrive late, therefore, angering buyers. With the PayPal Dispute Resolution process, you can work with buyers via messages to solve any transaction issues and disputes, restoring their confidence.

Cost to Sellers and Business Owners

PayPal Here accepts debit and credit cards payments at 2.7% per swipe. PayPal online, on the other hand, accepts payments from checking and credit accounts at varied competitive rates. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs involved.

PayPal Integration

Store Manager Limited

For ecommerce sites with Store Manager Limited, ONDABOX offers or PayPal for payment processing. This option is built into your checkout process from the start. Store Manager keeps a record of all the sales for fulfillment processing.

Store Manager

ONDABOX offers PayPal as a default or optional payment processor for your website. If you wish to enable PayPal processing on your store, simply contact our customer service and notify them immediately.

Custom Integration

Being a PayPal developer, we offer custom PayPal integrations for many applications.

Integration without a Full ecommerce Website

Using our Content Manager WebForms, we can embed a dedicated PayPal button into your website. This will send interested buyers directly to PayPal in order to complete their purchase. Once the purchase is complete, PayPal will send your customers back to your website.

If you wish to know more about the PayPal integrations we offer, please click here to contact us.

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Posted: Sat, May 9, 2015

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