Cell phones have changed over the past 20 years. At first the primary function of early cell phones, was to provide portable ways to communicate, but nowadays phones are capable of doing a lot more. For instance you can play games, surf the internet, and listen to music; but what is most surprising is that people are using their cell phones to shop. Yes, shop! More and more people are using their phones to replace traditional e-commerce. This new generation of phones are known as Smartphones. Smartphones such as Androids and iPhones have greatly revolutionized shopping as you know it; creating an new form of shopping which is  known as m-Commerce.

m-Commerce also known as “Mobile Commerce” is any transaction, involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods and services, which is initiated and/or completed by using mobile access to computer-mediated networks with the help of an electronic device. In lay mans terms m-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods over a mobile device, which includes mobile phones, tablets, Smartphones, or other emerging mobile equipment such as dashtop mobile devices.  In May of 2011 a nationwide telephone survey was conducted. From the results the surveyors were able to calculate the percentage of adults in America that own cell phones. It was estimated that 83 percent of adults in America own cell phones, and out of the 83 % of the adults that owned cell phones 43% of the phones are Smartphones. That is a great advancement for Smartphones, since they were only introduced to the market a decade ago.

It is no surprise that people would use their phones to buy stuff on the internet, Smartphones come preinstalled with applications ready for m-Commerce. Plus, people that carry cell phones tend to the keep them turned on all day. What you should be considering right now is whether having a mobile store front is the best decision for you. If we haven’t sold you on this yet, then this next piece of data will interest you. By the beginning of 2012, 12.5% of all e-Commerce transactions will be mobile. This may seem like a small number at first, but the amount of Smartphone owners are rapidly increasing each year. This is not such an unbelievable concept since, Smartphones present the user with many new advantages such as: being able to talk, text, and surf the internet; managing and keeping track of personal assets; allowing the user to stay connected to social media websites and more).

Is having a mobile store front right for your business? Well, here are some examples of how common businesses around you use m-Commerce to boost their revenue. On a day to day basis people use their Smartphones to order movie tickets, make online reservations and purchase products online. After all, a mobile storefront makes it easier and more convenient for customers to make a purchase whenever they want, plus it allows a more streamlined payment process which is better suited to buying on the go. If you own a website where the demands for your goods are high then this will be a great move for you. If you don’t have an online presence, then you may want to consider that as your next move. At ONDABOX we offer not only e-Commerce websites, but our systems work seamlessly with various mobile platforms.

The world of cellular devices has truly changed over the past 20 years; technology continues to evolve faster and faster. This means that you have to change the way your customers gain access to your products and services. An online presence with mobile accessibility is the way to go! If you are considering converting an existing website to a mobile format, contact one of our customer service representatives. Click here to get started.

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Posted: Sat, Nov 26, 2011

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