Here is an example of how someone involved in the music industry would use our E-commerce solutions to increase publicity and revenue to their website.

Greg is the head of a record company—located in the heart of one of the country’s most culturally diverse cities. Greg’s music company sells music online from a variety of artists.

Greg’s site is very maneuverable, at the top of his website page there is a search button where the customer can type in the name of the song or the artist. Once the song is pulled up the customer can listen to a short clip of the song. If they like the song then they can add the track to their shopping cart and then proceed to check out. This check out cart has SSL locks which helps protect customer’s information. This is the process most customers go through when they go to buy music from Greg’s website.  His online store also sells T-shirts, cups and hats advertising the multiple artist that he caters to, in addition to their music.

Greg uses Store Manager by ONDABOX, to keep his online store up to date; by uploading pictures of his inventory, short clips and downloadable tracks. He also uses Emailer by ONDABOX, to inform his customers about any sales that he is having on his merchandise and also to inform them about any new music. Greg also likes the fact that he has the ability to update his content at any time with Content Manager.

ONDABOX’s Store Manager allows Greg to organize all of his online merchandise according to size, color, cost and more. Greg now has a very successful and well known record company, which is one of the most used sites for music. Greg now has to expand his business, because many artists have heard of the success stories of their companions that work with Greg. He has decided to host paid events where fans can come and meet their favorite artists. Greg keeps his customers up to date on any upcoming events with Event Manager.

Greg sure does seem to have everything going right for him; wouldn’t you like to be the same way? For information on how to have a more successful business, contact us at ONDABOX.

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Posted: Tue, Dec 13, 2011

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