One useful tip that can help you attract more attention to your inventory is to make yourself easier to be found by search engine spiders  and or crawlers, so you must incorporate search engine friendly URL structure to your on line inventory. Another important factor to think about is to use unique and varied descriptions. Get creative! Store Manager-Inventory and Merchandising allows you to setup your inventory with product characteristics with product options. Unlimited products! Unlimited categories! Unlimited product features!  Create detailed product descriptions with text or HTML (images, links, etc.). Assign thumbnail, full-size images, multiple views,video, or audio to each product, category or product feature using the optional Animation/Media Gallery component.


Use discounts and sales to keep your customers and future customers interested in what you are selling. People are always looking forward to getting good bargains, so it’s good to throw in a sale everyone once in a while. Store Manager allows you to set up discount coupon for sales and other events.

Sales Tax:

In general, sales tax is the tax collected by the end user of a product or service. Each state has their own rules regarding what is considered a taxable product or service and what is not. Your products or services may be taxable in one state, but not in another. In some states if you separate state items on your invoice they are not taxable, if you lump them together, they become subject to sales tax. Store Manager allows you to set up Sale Tax base on your State or region regulations. The Subscription Manager gives you the tools needed to provide subscription based website information, manage your visitors' access to portions of your website, and more.

Customer Database:

Your customer management database is one of your greatest business assets. Database marketing allows you to market to your customers based on their past behavior. And that means spending money on customers that are going to be more responsive to your message.


Advertising or promotional activities are essential for any business. Try to advertise your website as much as possible. You can start with local newspapers. Your advertising can be of four categories; radio, TV, print and online ads. Emailer - Create professional high-impact emails that will make your business unforgettable. With Emailer, you can grab your audience’s attention, and get your message across with impact. It is the easy, effective, affordable way to stay connected and build strong, lasting relationships.


Having a good Content Management System (CMS), will allow you to keep the content on your website up to date. (This includes updating pictures of inventory, videos and etc.) The Content Manager (by ONDABOX) - is a management console used to update text, images and other media (images, audio, video and more) that appears on your website. The system provides an easy-to-use method to keep website-published information up-to-date.


Having a blog allows you to get positive feedback on your website, it allows make yours customers feel more involved in the decision making process. ONDABOX Blog Forum is a web log and discussion management module providing organizational tools for managing discussion forums on your website.


Order fulfillment not only includes the delivery of goods/services and receiving goods/services over the internet (downloading), but also the acceptance of your goods/services by your customers. In order to have a successful fulfillment process you need to have a functioning and easy to maneuver shopping cart and check out process. Store Manager's Order Processing allows you to: View all new orders. Order encryption provides increased security for customer payment details. Generate confirming e-mail messages for customers when orders are placed. Receive e-mail notifications when new orders are received.

Order Tracking:

An order tracking service allows you to know when the customer has received their package. Store Manager Shipping Calculation allows you to track shipment to customers.

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Posted: Tue, Dec 13, 2011

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