Is My Website Visible?

How do you make your website more visible and increase your rankings on search engines?

When people go in search of golf lessons, houses available in the area, or graphic web designers, they go to Google or Bing.  Around the world, these two search engines are the most highly used .  If people use search engines for research, shouldn’t you be using Google and Bing to attract people to your business?   

I am not suggesting researching your business needs on Google and Bing. Instead, I want Google and Bing to work for you and your business…free of charge.  That’s right, free!

If someone using Google or Bing did a search for a product or service and your business appeared at the top of the search results, wouldn’t you be excited?  

Being a top competitor has many perks.  


  • Bringing in potential customers
  • Increasing your revenue
  • Expanding your business
  • And of course, bringing in more cash!  (Honestly, who wouldn’t like more cash?)

An added benefit: Being a top competitor on Google and Bing increases your credibility.  Credibility will ensure that you have top-of-mind positioning with consumers. 

How do you go about doing this?

First off, you need a search engine optimization (SEO) company that provides great SEO tools.  SEO tools increase your rankings on Google and Bing.  When individuals perform searches using Google or Bing, the search engines look for “key words.”  Key words pertain to your products and services.  The idea: If you own a website that sells jewelry, you want to include keywords like: “bracelet,” “earrings” and “diamonds”; not “downtown”.  This last word would confuse people and muddy the quality of the search results.

Every young entrepreneur dreams of the day when their website will have a number one search result ranking.  This would be an honor and a glorious moment! If you can achieve these sorts of outstanding search results, imagine the number of people clicking through to YOUR website!

Not everyone can be number one.  So, even if you can’t be number one, you should at least aim to be second, third, fourth, or fifth – that will be almost as gratifying. 

At the very least, aim to be on the first page of search results.  Why?  People in this technologically-advanced world want quick results; most won’t continue past a second page of search results.  A recent study by shows 62 percent of people who use search engines find what they are seeking on the first page of results.  Below is a graph that depicts users and the page on which they find what they are seeking.

The percentage of user that find what they are looking for (based upon each page of a search engine)

This graph shows people rarely go beyond the fourth page of search results.

Source Links

What exactly are source links?  Source links are connecting links in your advertisements that allow you to see the frequency of links clicked from within your advertisement.  Source links will tell you exactly how visitors accessed your website and from website source…sources like Facebook, Google, and Bing.  When you use source links, you’ll know which source gave you the most hits; then you’ll know where best to put your advertising dollars.

Web statistics

Another useful tool is a web statistics page.  This tool allows you to view every aspect of your website.  It tells about visitors who come to your website – their country of origin, which pages they visited, and much more.  

A web statistics page provides an amazing amount of information about the activity within your website.  Based on how often people visit a particular page, you can determine which pages should be edited.  You’ll be able to determine if your website information is visible to all who visit.  You can make sure every aspect of your website is running correctly.  You can get rid of pages that are rarely visited.  Your web statistics page will help you determine how best to reach your target audience.  We’ll cover more about this topic in a future article.


...we also need to cater to a newer generation of shoppers.

With the increasing use of proprietary technology, we recommend reducing the use of Flash within your website.  Yes, we all know that Flash is cool and has neat features, but we also need to cater to a newer generation of shoppers.  Due to an increasing use of Smartphones and IPhones, the number of mobile-commerce shoppers is growing.  Over the coming years, usage of these devices will continue to increase; eventually this will include almost everyone.  Flash does not work on many of these devices.   By continuing to use Flash on your website, you are limiting access to a growing marketplace.

In summary

By making simple changes you can increase your rating on Google, Bing and other search engines.  Creating credibility will make customers come back and even refer others to you.  62 percent of people find what they want on the first page of search results.  Aim to be number one – but if you can’t be number one, at least be on the first page of search results.  Last but not least, consider moving away from the use of Flash; you do not want to exclude potential customers.

To gain more information on how to make your website "visible" connect with one of our ONDABOX customer service representatives. They will clarify all of your questions and help you find beneficial solutions and products.

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Posted: Fri, Apr 6, 2012

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