Keeping up in this fast paced society requires that successful businesses must be able to use smart phones to manage their businesses

Technology has become integrated into our daily lives. Keeping up in this fast paced society requires that successful businesses must be able to use smart phones to manage their businesses. Smart phones have their own operating systems and possess a standardized interface and platform that allow developers to create applications.

ONDABOX Site Manager can help you to use smart phones such as Androids and iPhones to build your business. With smart phones you can send emails, edit PDF’s and schedule meetings with the touch of a button. The great news is that with ONDABOX Site Manager you can also change and update your website, edit your blog and more all from your Smartphone!

Listed below are real-life scenarios with quick and easy solutions to business problems you may run into, using nothing more than ONDABOX Site Manager and your Smartphone:

The 10-minute fix

A real estate broker just finished talking to his clients who concluded that they wanted to sell their house. The real estate broker, anxious to get the house on the market, took out his cell phone and began taking pictures. Satisfied with his photography skills, he logged onto ONDABOX Site Manager, from his smart phone, and uploaded the pictures along with a description. In no more than 10 minutes, he finalized the listing. He no longer has to waste time going back to the office to upload listings.

Site Manager to the rescue

The business owner of a small boutique, that also has an online store, received complaints from customers. He had forgotten to add the discount to the item that was on sale on his website. In order to fix the problem as quickly as possible, he logged onto ONDABOX’s Site Manager from his Android and added the discount in Store Manager!  With the day saved the business owner went back to adding more styles to his store.

You've just been Blocked!

Susie, the owner of a cutting edge fashion magazine, created a blog where people could leave their comments on her work. As Susie was entering a meeting, her co-worker informed her that someone left inappropriate comments on the blog. Susie couldn’t let this continue. Concerned that her blog’s reputation could be slandered and ruined, Susie quickly logged on to ONDABOX’s Site Manager from her iPhone. With only 5 minutes left to spare before the meeting started, Susie was able to remove the comments and block the malicious blogger using the Blog Forum and Subscription Managers.

The music is on point

Jacob, the owner of a world renowned music company, created a page where artists could come together and share music. Jacob headed out to New York to meet with a client and received an email while in flight. The email was from a producer saying that he would sue Jacob, because he had copyrighted music from his artist on the site. Jacob didn’t want this to escalate any further, so he logged onto ONDABOX Site Manager and disabled the file in Content Manager. The file wasn’t deleted, just hidden on his website. Jacob decided that he would leave the song disabled until further research could be conducted on the matter.

If you want more information on the advantages that ONDABOX can provide when you use your smart phone in relation to your business, contact one of the ONBABOX sales representatives

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Posted: Sat, Apr 14, 2012

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