Website owners are constantly in search of finding new ways to improve their site; one way to do this is to have a fresh new look. Now is the right time to reevaluate—take a moment to yourself and ask that dreaded question that no one wants to hear..."Do I need a facelift?" Of course by you we mean your website.

We'd like to help! Here are 10 simple things you can do to improve your current website.

1. Reduce the number of pages on your website. Focus on redesigning only the core 10 to 15 pages. You can then archive or disable any remaining popular or highly trafficked pages.

2. Make the website a marketing tool. If you're not yet capturing data basics, such as where your visitors are entering your website, or how many visits you've had and more—its time to get cracking. With ONDABOX your trafficking statistics are recorded daily on your Website Statistics page.

3. Set up an e-mail program. Create an incentive for visitors to register or to give you their email addresses. Our Subscription Manager allows you to collect important data such as: email address, name, mailing address and more. You can also add Emailer to send out newsletters, sale flyers and other information.

4. Speed up loading time. In the beginning, fancy graphics and online applets were cool, but they soon became mere obstacles in the path of getting to your information and products. Now with ONDABOX you can have smart apps that merge your products and information to the latest technology—utilizing our streamlined techniques.

5. Get fashionable. Revise the website's color palette. This is a easy way to add flavor and style to your website. Our web designers can help you identify a color palette that works for you.

6. Use a content management system. Although most content management systems cost between $5,000–$10,000 to develop; an ONDABOX hosted website provides you with all of the tools to manage your content. You will have access to Site Manager, our online content management system when you choose us as your web host.

7. Add testimonials or success stories. Ask longtime customers for quotes or permission to post their case histories and their satisfaction with your services. You can easily add a testimonial page using Content Manager.

8. Reorganizing your website.  By reorganizing your website you can put more emphasis on your products and services. Site Manager provides you with many tools that allow you to highlight the popular products and services you offer.

9. Expand your reach. By giving your website a new look; you can get more creative about some new features that you want to add to your website. Adding new features like Store Manager, Animation/Media Gallery, allow you to tell your story in many ways.

10. Does your website look a little squished? Older websites can look squished due to the outdated resolutions used when they were designed. Over time display resolutions have changed. Yesterday, screen resolution was a lot smaller; than it is today. According to W3Schools, statistics show that in June of 2011 85% of visitors have screen resolutions higher than 1024x768. Your outdated layout can reduce your visitor's confidence in your message. A new layout will fix this.

Here are examples of a few of our clients that have undergone a website facelift.

Client: New Music Exchange
Later this year the New Music Exchange website facelift will replace their current website with a newer technologically savvy version of their former site. The new facelift will add a concert bar, display rotator, more advertising space and more.

Client: Operation Crossroads Africa
An annual facelift for Operation Crossroads Africa keeps their website fresh and ready to attract more visitors each year. This year's facelift updated their color palette and added an online application.

Client: Shiftpoint Stratergies
This was a complete redesign with many added features.

All of these ideas we mentioned will help you get a better understanding of what you need to do to establish a better online presence. But the main idea is that you should not be lazy. As a business owner you need to pay attention to your website when you change your focus or increase your business. Times, indeed, have changed. All marketing and messaging must be seamless — consistent, uniform, multimedia and multi-channel. Isn't it time to move your website forward?

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Posted: Sat, Oct 22, 2011

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