This is a no-brainer: websites that perform well benefit from higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversion. In these modern times, there are several ways to enhance the performance of your website. In this newsletter, we will be highlighting 3 of the most effective ones:

1. The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Being a webmaster, you have to understand that SEO is extremely important for the success of your website. That’s because the higher your site ranks in search engine results, the greater visibility you get online. Yet, most website owners are clueless when it comes to doing anything about it, and fail to secure a respectable ranking on search engines.

2. Hosting Platforms Can Affect Performance Greatly

The website, email, and data of most hosting customers’ face numerous threats on a daily basis. Therefore, a web hosting company needs to play a crucial role in defending the data and network of their customers from threats when hundreds of them can successfully penetrate the strongest firewalls. We will be shedding some light on the reality of hosting platforms later on.

3. Web Design and Mobile Design Are Becoming the Same Thing

Times have surely changed. Earlier, website designers focused solely on the appearance of your website on a conventional computer screen. However, with the advancement in mobile technology, and increase in mobile usage, mobile-friendly websites are more of a necessity than a requirement.

SEO: Cracking the Code (Part 1)

Getting your website code set up to communicate with search engines is crucial for achieving SEO success. Although Google Webmaster offers effective tools for this purpose, the ONDABOX SEO-friendly tools and reports provide most of the same features and can optimize your complete website in half the time.

ONDABOX also has built-in SEO canonicalization that enhances your standing with search engine spiders, and is a well-known name for building the speediest websites with average response times in milliseconds. These speeds easily rival Amazon’s EC2, that too, at a fraction of the cost. Currently, there is no other hosting company that comes even close to this.

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Posted: Tue, Dec 15, 2015

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