Email campaigns are a big component of having and running a successful online business. Emailer is a feature like no other, it allows you to send mass emails to your registered clients with the option of set messaging and client lists. Emailer campaigns are an essential stepping stone for your business. Along with the other features, Emailer may seem like a lot to handle now, but with a little practice it’s a piece of cake. We are glad to show you some of the successes that Emailer has provided in its short life, here are some testaments about how clients use Emailer to enhance their business.

"We have saved valuable time and money by coordinating all our email communication through Emailer. Thank you ONDABOX”.
—Gary S.

"When we did email blasts, they were very unprofessional-looking and the emails would bounce back because of our web provider's restrictions. We'd have to split the blasts into groups, which was time consuming and ineffective. Thanks to Emailer we can create and send our email campaigns without problems”.
—Paul B.

“As my business grew, I wanted the professionalism of my emails to grow as well, but I couldn't afford to spend hours working on HTML campaigns or to hire someone else to do it for me. I also wanted to measure the impact of my emails by knowing how many customers opened them and clicked through to my website—information I did not get from my other email company. With Emailer I am able to create email campaigns without any knowledge of HTML. The email report shows how many people have opened my emails and that is the kind of feedback I want and need. ONDABOX’s Emailer has really helped me and my business, thank you".
—Sammy B.

"With Emailer, I don't need to hire a graphic artist or a PR professional to create great-looking emails. In fact, using Emailer has probably saved me from having to hire someone new".
—Janis G.

"My company provides promotional services for musicians and bands. My newest client required a newsletter to be sent to all his contacts. Thus began my search for a user-friendly program. I tried many of them, but found Emailer by ONDABOX to be the easiest to use at a very reasonable price”.
—Mervin S.

"I just wanted to let you know that I think the new interface for creating emails looks great! Very easy to use, with lots of checks along the way to ensure no accidents happen. Thank you ONDABOX!”
—Michelle P.

“When I was given the task of creating and managing a monthly e-newsletter, I had no idea where to begin. I did not have an IT background and ONDABOX has definitely changed my perception of using electronic distribution with its easy-to-use functions. I was able to send out my very first e-newsletter soon after reading through the simple steps".
—Mark R.

Now that you have heard what some people have to say about Emailer, this would be a great time to give it a test run. The best way to truly evaluate and learn something new is to try it yourself instead of solely relying on other people’s opinions. The Emailer will amaze you with all it can do and prove that it is truly a technology juggernaut in the world of online business.

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Posted: Wed, May 18, 2011

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