Going from Grandview HS to CSU

Class of '22

Nyack I. Hartley

Grandview High School

Class Motto

“Set out each day believing in your dreams. 
Know without a shadow of a doubt that 
you were made for great things.”

-Josh Hinds

  • Grandview High School Graduation
  • University of Denver, Ritchie Center
  • Friday, May 27th, 2022
  • 12 pm. Admission by ticket only. Tickets are still available, call Jahmal or Kathy to attend.

Graduation Party Invite


Nyack I. Hartley

Entering Freshman

Mechanical Engineering


  • 1st Place (E-Business) - Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State of Colorado
  • Modularis - Built computer mouse designed to work with anyone's hand for Modularis. STEM Senior Project
  • Advanced Placement Scholar - an award from the College Board for outstanding performance on several AP exams
  • Award for Outstanding Student in Business - Grandview High School
  • 1st Place (Social Media Campaign) - Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State of Colorado
  • 2nd Year Academic Letter - Grandview High School
  • 1st Year Academic Letter - Grandview High School
  • President's Award for Excellence in Mathematics

My dream of being an engineer has been forming for a long time. From the toys I often played with to the videos I always found myself watching, they all reflected aspects of engineering. I found myself always trying to build something to make my life easier or more fun. Engineering new games to play with the toys I already had. Trying to build a parachute out of grocery bags for my action figures. Constantly infatuated with science documentaries and addicted to channels that explained and demonstrated strange physics concepts. They all had one central theme, yet being an engineer never crossed my mind. I would never actually consider studying 6th grade when I fell down a rabbit hole on the internet about hoverboards. Not the fake ones with wheels. I mean fully-fledged hovering skateboard-like devices. They saw a resurgence of popularity due to Back to the Future in 2015 and videos and articles were everywhere. Some videos were fake, but there were a few that were real. They never worked like how they did in the movie, but they hovered. One used a fast-rotating array of magnets over a copper sheet, another used a superconductor cooled with nitrogen that hovered over a metal track, and one was attempting to use plain old propellers. I immediately fell in love with the concept and started to research how I could design and build a functional hoverboard. I wanted it to be quieter and lighter than the prototypes I had seen. This was where I reached my first roadblock, knowledge. Though I was ambitious I simply didn't have a deep enough understanding of physics concepts nor did I understand the math necessary to pull the project off. From there it became clear, engineering was meant for me and I couldn’t get enough of it. I was frustrated by my limited knowledge and wanted to do anything to gain the knowledge necessary for me to design and build whatever I thought of.

I am currently seeking scholarships to help fund the next four years. If you know of any scholarships available, please send me any information you have.