Easy-to-Use Text and File Manager

The Content Manager is a management console used to update the text, images and other media (images, audio, video and more) that appear on your website. The system provides an easy-to-use method to keep website-published information up-to-date.

Organization and Structure

Content Manager is like a virtual workplace—in the cloud—where you can store and organize your content into various folders. Keeping your information organized and easily accessible. When your content is ready easily grab your content from your organized folders as you build the pages you want to publish.

Web Forms

Along with web pages you can also create web forms that collect information from the users who visit your website. Each submission you receive on your website is recorded and saved for examination and categorization later. You can then transfer this information into your customer database. Combine this feature with Store Manager to get paid with each event registration or application submitted. Works great with Event Manager.

Quick Edit

Quick Edit makes it easy to edit your website content directly from your website. Just start the Quick Edit feature in Site Manager, then click on the content you want to edit. It's that easy.


Search Engine Optimization information such as keywords and descriptions can be customized for each web page you create. This gives you the control you'll need to get the results you'll want from the popular search engines.


The Content Manager also allows you to write and present material in a multi-lingual format to any group, thus maximizing your website's potential. Our content editor is currently available in over 57 languages.

More, more and even more...

The Content Manager gives you control over: links and custom urls, website navigations, image slideshows, videos-you-upload and videos-you-publish on YouTube, as well as many other video and audio file formats, emails you create, and more, more, more.

Yes, there's more

Plus, we are always adding more features to Content Manager.

It's Free

Yes, Content Manager is free with any Site Manager CMS website. By the way this website was created using the Content Manager.

Imagery Effects for Your Website

Share and organize an attractive display of imagery with your customers and visitors.

The Image Gallery is a custom-designed feature for your website that gracefully presents images from your Content Manager. Arrange, comment and add links to the images in your slideshow. The Gallery is a great tool for showcasing your events, merchandise, and more. Our designers customize the look and feel of each Gallery, as well as, help you choose the best images for your presentation.

Variations of the Image Gallery are also available such as adding background music to help establish a mood for your imagery.

List of Image Gallery website applications:

  • Photo, Art, or Image Gallery or Slideshow.
  • Publish real-estate photos with multiple views.
  • Sell digital photos, art and clip art images.
  • Display multiple product views for your e-commerce products.
  • Display and manage various architectural floor plans.
  • And many more.

Sync music and audio with your web pages

Are you interested in a website where your visitors can download, play, and even purchase music? Or even create a killer website to promote your band's music?  Maybe you'd like random music tracks to play as background music on your website? How about selecting a variety of music, creating your own playlist, and syncing it with various web pages? All this and more is available with the Audio Gallery. Play, download, or create a playlist that can include music, commercials, and commentary - just like a real radio station with no FCC license required.

The Audio Gallery is an add on feature for Content Manager that provides audio file management for online audio, broadcasting, and playlist editing on your website. The system provides easy-to-use audio file uploading, sorting, and detailed playlist reporting. This module can be combined with many of our other modules, such as Store Manager and Subscription Manager to offer paid access to certain audio tracks on your website.

The system uses all digital audio file types including: Real Media, HD Music, iTunes, MP3, MP4, Windows Media- WAV and WMA formats.

Add video to your website

Were you ever on a website when a video started playing and you wondered, "How'd they do that?" Maybe you've seen a video commercial prior prior to guide you requested before your requested video started to play? Or, maybe you've visited a website that seemed to operate like an on-demand television station? Say you wanted to put your band's brand new music video on your website? Well the Video Gallery makes all of this possible and much more.

The Video Gallery is an add on feature for Content Manager that provides video management for online video, broadcasting, and playlist editing on your website. The system provides easy-to-use video uploading, sorting, and detailed playlist reporting. This module can be combined with many of our other modules, such as the Store Manager and Subscription Manager to offer paid access to videos on your website.

From within the Video Gallery, you have the power to deliver an impressive online video broadcasting system. The system uses all digital video file types including: MP4, MOV, HD Video, MPEG (MPG), M4A, Windows Media- AVI and WMV formats.