As you know Site Manager CMS is a powerful utility for publising and and maintaining online content. Here are some of the features and benefits of using Site Manager CMS.


Site Manager CMS provides detailed user statistics, email access and a host of tools and features to use:

Scalable Expansion

Create microsites within a main site or expand a single implementation across multiple domains.

Access Control

Allow for users and groups to control access to various systems such as the blog, e-commerce, and more.

Content Templates

Web designers can create standard templates for content creators in HTML to stylize new content.

Workflow Management

Multiple content creators can submit content for approval and review. This content can be approved and published later.

HTML5 Web Standards

Site Manager CMS receives regular updates to it's features. This keeps the system up to date with current web standards.

Editable Content

Our Content Manager and WYSIWYG Content Editor allows non-technical and technical users to create and edit content.

Content Collaboration

Multiple content creators including web designers can contribute content to the same web page.


Our Content Editor currently allows you to display and enter page content in over 57 languages.

Document Management

Collaboratively managing the life cycle of a document from initial creation, through revisions, publication,  and document destruction.


Deliver more functionality with some of these essential and optional features:

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