Advanced Selling and Marketing Tools

  • Coupon Codes are special codes used to draw or reward repeat customers with special discounts applied at checkout.
  • Automated Discounts let you schedule and apply discounts across your entire store in seconds.
  • Up-selling Manager, an effective sales technique that induces customers to purchase more expensive items.
  • Source Links for ad tracking. Use these source links for tracking to separate the good ad sources from the rest.
  • Redirect Links let you create your own custom advertising urls and redirect them anywhere.
  • Free email marketing using Emailer. Send targeted campaigns. A small fee will be added for your sent emails.
  • Piwik Analytics

Catalog Management

  • Unlimited products.
  • Unlimited categories.
  • Unlimited product features.
  • Create detailed product descriptions with text or HTML(images, links, etc.).
  • Includes fields for each product, such as SKU, Manufacturer ID, etc.
  • Assign thumbnail, full-size images, multiple views, video, or audio to each product, category or product feature using the Content Manger.

Inventory and Merchandising

  • Inventory Manager with expanded reporting.
  • Display "Back-ordered" for out-of-stock products.
  • Define product characteristics with product options.
  • Add additional prices or weight to individual product options.
  • Multiple features display types, including drop-down boxes, check boxed buttons, and text fields.

Customer Management

  • Encourage repeat business with easy-to-use customer accounts.
  • Provide customers easy access to their account details and addresses.
  • Custom email templates offered by Emailer allow you to customize your store's receipts and other email communication.

Order Processing

  • View all new orders.
  • Orders provide customer information, payment and shipping methods, and product details.
  • Process all orders through your payment gateway remotely.
  • Order encryption provides increased security for customer payment details.
  • Generate confirming e-mail messages for customers when orders are placed.
  • Receive e-mail notifications when new orders are received.
  • Notification emails can be copied to a third party for drop shipping, among other uses.

Localization Settings

  • Localized sales tax and shopper selected sales tax settings available.
  • State and country lists are included for use in any part of the world.

Shipping Calculation and Payment Processing

  • Create custom rate tables based on quantity, order total, order weight, and more.
  • Accept credit cards with a variety of built-in payment gateways, including, VeriSign, CardService International, CyberSource, and many more.
  • Compatible with other payment methods, such as PayPal, electronic checks, and COD.

Store Access and Maintenance

  • Create unlimited user accounts for administrator access.
  • Assign access groups to limit user access to specific store administration duties.
  • Offline mode enables you to close the store for maintenance.
  • Maintenance message displayed to all visitors while store is temporarily down.
  • Automated streaming updates means never having to upload a patch or perform an upgrade again.

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