What is Performance Web Hosting?

Software applications that maximize the performance and maintainability of your data in a hosting environment. This is achieved when using Site Manager CMS in a properly hosted environment.

What is Site Manager CMS?

ONDABOX Site Manager CMS is an online content manager our clients use to manage their online projects. Site Manager CMS consists of many integrated managers to assist in the modifying of your content and data. For a brief description of some of Site Manager CMS features and management tools click here.

Will multiple users be able to make changes to my website?

Yes. Site Manager CMS provides a collection of online applications with procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment. Site Manager CMS also organizes documents, contacts and records into meaningful structures like blogs, forums, events, customers, etc. These structures are easily managed using our online tools.

Do I need to know programming or HTML to add content to my website?

Site Manager CMS enables you to edit and maintain your content. Editing options are simple. You can edit your web pages, change or add photos,  music and videos and much more. In order to customize the overall design, layout, and look of the website, you should have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Is there a limit on the size of my customer database?

Never. We don't believe in limiting the data you can collect. Some storage and bandwidth limits may exist for various hosting options. Refer to Web Hosting for more information on storage limits.

Can I integrate an external system with my Site Manager CMS website?

Yes. Site Manager CMS has built-in applications that allow you to connect most third-party systems. For example, you'll be able to synchronize your inventory, view recent orders, get a customer list, and more.

How reliable is your data center?

The data center that hosts Site Manager CMS is located in a Tier 4 data center facility, and the servers have:

  • Multiple cooling and power distribution paths for stability
  • Multiple active power distribution paths to help prevent down time from blackouts
  • Redundant components for fault tolerance
  • High connectivity and power into the machines

All of the data center facilities are connected to the Internet via Tier 1 networks, or have peering arrangements with Tier 1 networks. This means that the servers are essentially hooked in to the "backbone" of the Internet, which generally results in higher network speeds and lower latency from your customer's browser to the servers. ONDABOX uses reasonable efforts to make the services available 24x7.

Where is your data center located?

Our primary center is located at the edge of downtown Dallas, Texas on one of the most fiber rich routes in the city. The fully-equipped, 28,000 square foot facility is staffed around the clock. With uncompromising standards for security, power supply and environmental controls, we focus on connectivity, redundancy and resilience.

We also partner with other distributed cloud-based networks such as Amazon S3.

What about data management? Do you provide backups?

We have a highly fault-tolerant server configuration in our data center. All servers also have regular full and differential backups. However, it is important to note that recovery procedures cannot be initiated for individual file backups, as they are intended to perform "full recovery" of the servers in the event of a hardware or software failure only. At an individual site level, we provide several backup options for clients. You can retrieve backup copies of your web pages as often as you see fit using Content Manager.

Have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Mountain Standard Time.