If I sign/approve the estimate what comes next?

Your sales representative will generate a schedule for you which will outline each stage and list the items we will need from you to get started. These might include:

  • User names and password for accounts where your content is currently housed.
  • A link to the Website Questionnaire if you haven't already completed one.
  • A schedule of dates when each part of the process will be ready for review.
  • An invoice for the deposit will be generated and sent to you for payment.
  • A link you can use to check on the website's progress and to test any features.
  • A website owner's Site Manager account that gives you access to everything.

Do you create content for websites?

Yes, we do. We can also work with your content creators to develop engaging content for your website.

Where will you get the content for my website?

We like to start by reviewing any marketing materials you currently have. We also do a thorough review of your competitors information online as well as examine local and national trends.

Do I get to review the content before it goes live?

Yes. We will send you the content to review before it goes online. So you can verify accuracy and technical content.

Will I see my design before it goes live?

Yes. Your design will be presented to you for your approval. Your approval is required before we can start developing your website.

What's the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

A web designer uses photo editing software to create a visual design of your website. Web designers can also make minor changes to your website's look.

A web developer is a computer programmer who chief purpose is to bring functionality to your website. They make your forms, videos, online store, and online presentations work. They are also responsible for making your website work on mobile devices.

How fast can you build my website?

We’ve built entire websites in one day. But those tend to be small campaign websites. It usually takes us 2 – 4 weeks to complete a website. If you want other features such as Event Manager, Store Manager or our Blog Forum Manager additional time may be required. Also if you, already have a lot of content you want to move over that will take some time as well.

Can you work with my current designer?

Yes. We work with our client’s designers and developers all the time.

I chose a design from a website in your portfolio, will that make my build faster?

Not really. The time it takes to produce the design is still the same. Typically one week.

Do I really have to approve the design before you will start building the website?

Yes. Our web developers use Site Manager to precisely buildy each website based upon the design you approve. Your approval eliminates confusion so you get exactly what you need.

Will I be able to view the website while it's being developed?

Yes. But most of the initial work is done inhouse. Once we are ready to live test it you will be able to login and view the partially developed website.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Site Manager, when will I be able to start using it?

Once your website is live you will have access to it. But, please wait until after you’ve had at least one training session.

What if I don't want training and would rather you guys take care of my changes?

We already include a certain number of hours in your hosting fee for this. If you go over now and then it’s not a big deal. If you consistently, go over we may need to charge you a small fee, for the overage.

I need custom development

We do that all the time. In fact, that’s exactly where we shine. Because we are web developers not just web designers, we tackle all sort of software engineering problems every day. It’s what makes ONDABOX different from other companies. We love challenges and are always trying to do what’s necessary to make you, our client, more successful every day.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Not currently.