What is ONDABOX?

We are a premier graphic and web design company that builds incredible online experiences that truly do more with less. Using Site Manager CMS—our groundbreaking content management system—we create online experiences limited only by your imagination. Our talented staff of designers and developers can complete most projects faster and more cost efficient than other competitors. Plus, our network partners, enable us to deliver any project on any scale.

Our Story

ONDABOX began as Hartley Parker d'Signs, in 1993, by Jahmal Hartley and Ricardo Parker, two college juniors attending The City College of the City University of New York. Jahmal, ONDABOX Chief of Design and Development, is an experienced designer and software engineer from the Bronx. Ricardo Parker, an accomplished web and graphic designer, is also from the Bronx.  Kathleen Springer, ONDABOX President, joined the duo in 1995, helping to stabilize the company financially. Together they laid the foundation for the passion the company has today.

Before being renamed as ONDABOX, in 2004, the company enjoyed many years of success in commercial design and printing. After moving our headquarters to Colorado, we shifted our focus from printing services to online website development. We also expanded our client base to include businesses from coast to coast.

Over the last decade, we have focused our passion on being a premier web design and development company. Since 2001, our development team has been focused on expanding our current development platform Site Manager CMS. Which currently out performs all other development platforms including majors like Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, or WordPress.

“We realized back in the mid nineties when we were building websites how nice it would be if these static web pages could actually do something. So we decided we would develop a solution. We are one of the pioneers in this industry. And now we have one of the most sophisticated platforms on the market today.”

Jahmal Hartley, Chief of Design and Development — ONDABOX

Site Manager CMS

Originally Site Manager CMS was called Art Manager and was developed for artists who wanted to customize their online portfolio website themselves. It was 2004, and at that time this feature was considered ground-breaking.

In 2005, we added an e-commerce component called Store Manager. Later we also created the Event Manager, Audio and Video Galleries, Blog/Forum Manager, Subscription Manager and others.

In 2010, we rewrote the entire code base for the Site Manager CMS. In this industry a rewrite with a product only a few years old is very uncommon, but we felt that, at the current pace that new internet technology was being developed, we would soon be out paced by the new competitors entering the market. We needed a platform that was more flexible and easier to expand. With our new code base we deploy dozens of new features almost at will.

At ONDABOX, our driving force is our passion for excellence.  This has kept us pushing the company forward for over 20 years.  We go the extra mile for our clients because we are so passionate about what we do and take great pride in our client's work.

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