Speed Matters

Fastest websites on the planet

At ONDABOX, we are passionate about website speed – as evidenced by the high-speed background image on our web hosting comparison page. We continually strive to optimize the efficiency and speed of our websites, and it shows – our mobile websites consistently rank above 90%, and our desktop websites rank above 80%. In comparison, many other web hosting companies, such as GoDaddy, tend to have much lower scores, often hovering around 40%.

What makes a website slow?

How you build is so important. Our developers understand the way web servers are supposed to operate. We start on the back-end testing efficiency and work our way to the front-end examining the add-on features. We examine all of this when we choose the features and applications for a Site Manager website.

Does speed really matter?

It may not seem important when you're at home with your fast internet connection. Everything is instantly available to you. But consider leaving a football game or other sporting event where there are tens of thousands of people with their mobile phones. As you search for a place to eat after the game, everyone is on their phone, causing online traffic to increase and slowing down your mobile data access and websites. That's when speed and efficiency matter the most. You want your website to respond quickly and for reservation forms to work smoothly.

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