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Subscription Manager

These days a website is critical to the success of a business. So how closely are you monitoring whether your website is helping your business?

Let's face it, knowledge is power. The better you track the visitors to your site, the better you will be at converting visitors' tracking info into sales. The Subscription Manager can help you do that by allowing you to collect and organize visitors' information and other data. The Subscription Manager gives you the tools needed to provide subscription-based website information, manage your visitors' access to portions of your website, and more. Because your subscriber data is centralized and accessed online, you understand your subscribers better and can contact them with upcoming sales, events and more. Your marketing and sales teams will obtain new insight into the value of the offerings on your website. Also, you can combine the Subscription Manager and Store Manager to charge fees to access portions of your website.

Data Collection Methods

Here are a few examples of how data collection and storage methods can give website owners an edge when responding to leads:

  1. By collecting and storing data on website visitors, a website owner can tailor their responses to individual leads based on their specific interests and needs.
  2. By tracking the browsing and purchase history of leads, a website owner can make more personalized and relevant recommendations.
  3. By storing lead contact information, a website owner can easily follow up with leads and nurture them through the sales process.

Site Manager's Shadow Analytics specifically comply with recent regulations and privacy concerns in the US and abroad, ensuring that website owners are able to collect and store data in a compliant and ethical manner. In addition, Shadow Analytics can be used to spot spam, allowing website owners to filter out unwanted or malicious messages and focus on genuine leads.

Data Collection Prevented

In light of recent revelations about the amount of data collected on the Internet, two of the top three web browsers have blocked data-collection add-ons for many companies like Google (e.g., Google Analytics). However, these measures do not impact Site Manager's ability to collect analytics data.

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