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Writing an active, engaging blog for your business helps define your brand, raises your profile, drives traffic to your site, and pays a big bonus with a fatter bottom line.

Blogging puts a personal face on your business in a world that is increasingly focused on impersonal Internet advice and social media. If you cannot spend as much time as you'd like with current and future customers, the blog creates the impetus for dialogue.

While any company can benefit in big ways from blogging, Web businesses are particularly well-positioned to reap the benefits. The Blog Forum can generate a lot of subscribers for an ecommerce site. Blogs are much more free-form than a typical business site and give creative license to you and your readers, allowing you to just chat and be who you are. When you get right down to it, The Blog Forum is another marketing tool.

The Blog Forum is an add-on feature for Site Manager and can be added to your current website.


Categories are a way to group related posts on a blog. They help readers find specific types of content and can also help with organization and navigation on the blog. When creating categories, it's important to choose descriptive and relevant names that accurately reflect the content of the posts. For example, a food blog might have categories such as "recipes," "ingredients," and "cooking techniques." By assigning posts to the appropriate categories, readers can easily find the content they are interested in. Additionally, categories can be used to create menus or dropdown lists that allow readers to easily browse different topics on the blog.

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