Site Manager

Experience the Power of Site Manager

Like a finely tuned car, Site Manager puts you in the driver's seat and gives you the tools you need to control the speed and direction of your website. With hundreds of powerful features available at your fingertips, Site Manager helps you navigate the journey of building and maintaining a successful online presence.

What is Site Manager?

Site Manager is a content management system (CMS) created by ONDABOX that makes managing a website easy. It simplifies the publication and management of your content without requiring any technical knowledge—while at the same time providing sophisticated online tools for managing that content. Site Manager is great for managing all types of online experiences such as websites that use ecommerce, blogging, event management, data collection. Simply put, Site Manager lets you do more.


  • Manage any website from your mobile device: HTML, Ecommerce, Info, Blog, Social, File Sharing and more.
  • Get more collaboration from your content creators.
  • Be more organized using our visually adaptive interface.
  • Easily add webforms, web pages, photos, media, content and more.
  • Intelligently communicates analytical data for marketing systems like (Emailer).
  • Hundreds of features for managing your online experience.

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