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Selling online

Starting and growing an ecommerce website doesn't have to be a struggle. With Store Manager, you'll have a flexible, reliable, and scalable online solution that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Our comprehensive platform offers a range of powerful features that are easy to use, even for those new to ecommerce. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned ecommerce expert, Store Manager has everything you need to succeed.

Store Manager

Our premier ecommerce solution includes:

  • Advanced catalog and order management systems
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Integrated credit card processing for shopping cart, webform and subscription payments
  • An expansive list of add-on modules and services
  • Integrates well with all the Site Manager features: Blog Forum, Content Management, Event, and Data-Collection

Leverage your business potential with Store Manager, the perfect ecommerce solution for online business success.

4 Ways to Sell

  1. Store Manager Solutions
    1. Shopping Cart — A full blown ecommerce web store with shopping cart and all the features needed to sell your products and services online.
    2. Webforms — No need for a shopping cart when you only have a few products to sell. Works great with the Event Manager.
    3. Subscriptions — If your customers pay you the same amount on a regular basis. You have subscribers.
  2. Alternative Solution
    1. Buttons — Works with PayPal to extend some ecommerce capability to websites. This method does not require the Store Manager but takes the shopper away from your website to complete the purchase.

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