We are creative website builders

Creativity is essential when building a website. We started out as two graphic designers of promotional materials for various advertisers in New York City, where advertising is very competitive. In big cities like New York, strong designs with good communication strategies worked best. While in less urban environments and smaller markets, creative advertising requires more localized strategies. At ONDABOX, we remain flexible about the creative process. Our latest designs mostly reflect current trends, but we’re not afraid to break trends when we need to be more edgy.

How you build is important

The technology behind your website will determine how creative you can be as a web designer. We built websites in the nineties when the internet was still on slow dial-up speeds, all the major browsers didn't comply to the same standards and page styling was in it's infancy. These challenges led us to adopt and develop a content management system to make our websites run faster. Now with the availability of faster internet speeds, low latency isn't as much a problem. But with faster internet, multiple browser standards and compliance, designers mistakenly stuff more into their webpages trying to account for every possible scenario. This causes slow webpages, bloated with all sorts of tools for analytics, social media add-ons and more. We perfected our own strategy to systematically deliver some of the fastest and easiest to use websites on the planet. Any website we build on our Site Manager CMS enjoys these great benefits without the loss in speed. We guarantee it.

Website appeal

First impressions matter, so your website must look good and communicate well with your target audience. We can help you choose the right colors, graphic elements, shapes, scale and other details to make your website standout.

Strategic execution - timeliness

We are creative website builders. And therefore, at the start of any project we develop a unique strategy with your project goals at the center. We believe that each project must include a clear path to success, that involves: conception, design, development, execution, maintenance, expansion and support.

Site Manager CMS is a difference maker

An explosion in technology will take place in the next 5 to 10 years. Creative websites built using a forward thinking platform like Site Manager CMS makes a big difference in your overall website development. There are so many choices it's hard to decide which is best. Don't just look at the numbers or comparison charts. Pick up the phone and call us and then talk to our competitors. For our clients, Site Manager CMS is a difference maker. Site Manager CMS features continue to grow and expand with advancements in online technology. It can do just about anything online. For more information on Site Manager CMS click here.

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