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What is Form Spam and How to reduce it?

As website owners, we are all too familiar with form spam – those unwanted posts that flood our webforms and disrupt your business. From irrelevant or fake information, including abusive language, ads, spam links to malware-laden sides and phishing websites set up by scammers, spam comes in all shapes and sizes and is often generated by bots. At ONDABOX, we have found ways to reduce these nuisances by over 90% – here's how:

Forensic Tools

Forensic tools help identify where the submission originated. This type of information is included in our webform responses. With this information, you can determine whether the post is genuine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Contact forms on websites are a popular target for spammers. Our AI can provide challenges to bad actors(spammers). Which is unlike the popular CAPTCHA whose indiscriminate usage has become more of a deterrent for new visitors to your website, due to how often its challenges fail.

Encrypted Webforms

Encrypted webforms are unconventional webforms hidden via encryption. This method works because the bots cannot attack what they do not recognize.

Shadow Analytics

Data collection and storage methods can help website owners respond effectively to leads and improve their sales process. Site Manager's Shadow Analytics is compliant with privacy regulations and can be used to identify spam.


Above all our clients enjoy 99% less spam than our competitors.

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