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Embed video on your website

Adding large videos to your hosted website can swallow up your site's bandwidth extremely fast. Therefore, it is always advisable to embed video that is hosted elsewhere.

Everyone is familiar with YouTube these days. It is the number one provider of hosted videos, mostly for free.

How do you take videos hosted by YouTube and present them on your website? Well, as it turns out you just copy and paste it. Site Manager oversees the rest, providing an automatically scalable interface with YouTube's complete user controls.

Streaming Live Video

Live streaming is the process of transmitting and receiving video data over the internet in real-time. It allows users to watch live or on-demand video content, such as movies, TV shows, sporting events, concerts, and more, through a web browser or app on their device.

Embedding a live stream is pretty much the same process.

Other Options

What about placing content behind a pay wall where only paid subscribers can access? Yes, with the Store Manager, that is possible too.

You can also schedule your videos using Event Manager.

The Video Gallery is a free add-on feature for Content Manager that provides video management for online video, broadcasting, and playlist editing on your website.

From your website, you have the power to deliver video content.

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